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Runyon Training Concepts was born from a passion to coach athletes and adventurers. But also to provide a one of a kind all-inclusive single training location. The Live High-Train High and Live High-Train Low training philosophies are both possible here.

Located at an elevation of over 8,500 ft, this one of a kind training center is THE natural low-oxygen training space. No masks, tents or artificial rooms required.

As part of your experience at my private 46-acre High Altitude Training Center, you will enjoy chef prepared meals on site, full access to the private gym (with Olympic weights, indoor bike smart trainers etc...), 18 ft Wellis Swim Spa (considered the best on the market), 4-seater hot tub and private recovery studios (Cabins with private showers and beds (two Twin XL or King).

Located near the Training Center are 100 miles of gravel roads (little to no vehicle traffic), hiking/ running trails, kayak and white water rafting. Nature abounds. Plus over 10,000 acres of BLM land for endless hiking and backcountry/trail running

Meet Your Trainer
Hi, my name is Dan Runyon. I own Runyon Training Concepts, LLC – a 46-acre high altitude training center located west of Colorado Springs and south of Breckenridge.

After 24 years in the US Army as a Special Forces Green Beret and 10 years working at US Special Operations Command as an Operations and Exercise planner, I decided to retire from working for others and start my own business. I have taken my experiences from being a Green Beret and 9-time Ironman and decided to provide people a beautiful single location, to take advantage of the altitude and “Live High-Train High” and/ or “Live High-Train Low”.

During my 24 years of service. I was both enlisted and a commissioned officer with a career of numerous deployments worldwide. During my various deployments to the Middle East, I planned, led, and conducted combat missions under some of the most austere conditions. Some of my experiences have been published in Linda Robinson’s “Masters of Chaos: The Secret History of the Special Forces”, as well as John D. Gresham’s “Beyond Hell and Back: How America’s Special Operations Forces Became the World’s Greatest Fighting Unit”. I encourage you to always challenge yourself. Come to my training center for a weekend or longer, enjoy all the things that Central Colorado has to offer.

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